The ECA is the preliminary study that allows you to analyze all the elements of the company's competitive advantage in view of the internationalization process.

The drafting of the EBP serves to evaluate the internationalization project not only from the revenue side but above all from the cost side, since the whole company must be involved in the project.

Identifying the right commercial partner for your company is the main and certainly the most delicate step that the company has to face during the Export Business Plan implementation process.

Once you have selected the commercial partner with whom you decide to approach the various international markets, it is essential to involve them in implementing commercial strategies to promote growth.

The supplier search and selection service is one of the activities carried out by AdMaiora and is mainly aimed at all those agency or distribution companies present in the various markets that are looking for a certain product to complete the range of goods offered to their customers.

Thanks to a multi-year and consolidated partnership with some of the best known and most important European manufacturers of water treatment machinery, AdMaiora is able to offer a wide range of products made in Europe.