Established in 1997 by two experienced partners with a background in multinational companies, WTE is specialized in the supply of aeration systems for wastewater treatment.

The two entrepreneurs are directly involved in the management of the company assisted by a team of experience and skilled engineers, able to support the customers from design to installation for both standard and customized solutions. This approach to the market allowed WTE to establish itself on the domestic as well as international market.

Over the years WTE has had constant growth and supplied some of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Italy and abroad: Milan, Naples, Paris, Lyon, Bursa, Sofia, are some of the cities where their aeration systems are installed.


Disc Diffusers

5″ 9″ 12 ” disc diffusers with EPDM, Silicone and PTFE coated membranes. Threaded connection is NPT 3/4″ M. Oxygen transfer rate have been calculated according to ASCE 2-06 standard.

Tubular Diffusers

Reliable and efficient products for transferring oxygen and mixing. Their maintenance is extremely fast: the membrane can be replaced in less than a minute.

Submersible Aerators

The Venturi effect AeroJet / V and the overcharged version AeroJet / S have ejectors made entirely in AISI 304L and AISI 316L and can be free standing on the tank floor or with the ejector fixed on the floor and pump fitted to the ejector through an auto coupling connection.

  • 9" Fine Bubble Silicone
  • 9" Fine Bubble Epdm SL
  • 5" Coarse Bubble
  • 9" Fine Bubble Epdm

Technical Datasheets