Montagna srl is a leader in water treatment with UV technology with over 60 years of experience and more than 11,000 systems installed.
The highly qualified personnel in research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales customer service, the uni en iso 9001 certificate, together with a complete product portfolio for municipal and industrial sectors, contribute to the company's success by placing it at the forefront of the science and technology of pollution-free purification chemical substances.


The UV-C ray disinfection sector is constantly growing, driven on the one hand by increasingly stringent regulations on drinking water and purified waste water and on the other by an ever-increasing interest in treatments that do not require the use of chemicals. Living organisms do not have adequate defense mechanisms against ultraviolet rays. The photochemical reaction deriving from exposure to UV-C light involves the breaking of the bonds within the DNA chain which prevent the microorganisms from reproducing, leading them to end their life cycle without giving rise to subsequent generations. Montagna proposes three families of disinfection systems: closed vessels, open channels, and air and surfaces disinfection systems