Workshop in Tunisi

AdMaiora recently participated in the Workshop on Ecological Transition organized by ICE in Tunisia on 22nd and 23rd February, representing the partner companies WTE, Sydex and Montagna.
Of particular interest were the B2B meetings in which the technologies used in the water treatment sector were presented to the various Tunisian companies present.

The president of the Order of Engineers, Kamel Sohnoun, who led the group of experts in the study conducted by the Tunisian Council of Engineering Sciences, said that the current water situation in Tunisia has reached the level of "stress". There are many factors that have led to the crisis, starting from the behavior of the average Tunisian citizen in relation to water consumption. The director general of the Water Balance Office and representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hammadi Habib, stressed that the country is going through a seven-year drought, caused above all by the increase in temperatures and a deficit of rainfall, due to the changes climatic. The situation calls for an increase in the quantities of desalinated water and wastewater treatment in the future. The Ministry of Agriculture is working to regulate the demand for drinking water and for irrigation, but it is still necessary to think about how to improve the exploitation of available resources. The SONEDE-Société Nationale d'Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux-Society for the exploitation and distribution of water resources- ( also illustrated it in a recent conference held in October 2022 the new joint strategies with ONAS - Office National de l'assainissement - National Health Office
in particular, to reduce the stress of the territories and water resource faults, today we focus on the purification and reuse of water. Currently ONAS has 124 purification stations that produce 190 million m3, of which 70 million from reused water, but this capacity must be implemented by modernizing the stations and increasing the management capacity and quality of the purified water. These are programs that need significant funding and SONEDE and ONAS are already collaborating on some projects, for example with the French AFD on cogeneration plant projects, as water purification is a highly energy-intensive sector. There are about 1,000 wells in the country and they do not adequately cover the necessary water resources, which is why a project for the desalination and recovery of sea water had already started in 1983. With regard to seawater desalination plants, there are now three existing stations in Djerba, Gabes and Sfax, which supply almost 15 million m3 a year.