A company built on consolidated entrepreneurial experience and on the strength of an integrated network of specialized supplies. With over 600 active customers, it is now a national and international point of reference for every area of waste water and bio-waste providing a global service of excellence. The in-depth knowledge of the main applications combined with a technical approach to the problems to be solved leads us to be "partners" in the relationship with the customer. SCAE designs and manufactures machinery for water purification plants and industrial processes. On over 250 machines and equipment processed every year, a prompt and efficient after-sales technical assistance service is ensured.


The biological sludge mechanical dewatering unit designed and built by SCAE is a monobloc package for thickening and/or sludge dehydration in civil and industrial purification plants. At maximum operating speed, the screw press has low operating and maintenance costs that more than compensate for the lower costs of transporting and disposing of the sludge, generating concrete savings in economic terms and a tangible advantage for the environment.